The Importance of Attachment – a must read for every parent

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By making sure that you have a secure attachment with your child, you will help him learn that he is okay, worthy and good enough (at the very least). That you as his parents are trustworthy and that the world is a safe place that can be explored confidently. Most importantly, not only will you be giving your child a head start in life personally, but also interpersonally; when it comes to all his future relationships.

Getting divorced; but what about the kids?

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Once a partner (the divorce initiator) informs the other partner that he or she wants a divorce the first thing they do; or the first advice they receive, is to get themselves a lawyer who can take care of the situation. Whilst it is not wrong to get a lawyer to represent you, there are other options to keep in mind. Many people are not knowledgeable about the law, especially the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 which provides guidelines as to how to go about a divorce when children are involved.

My Tween, Puberteit en Seksvoorligting

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Ongelukkig lewe ons in ‘n wereld waar ons en ons kinders op ‘n daaglikes basis gebombardeer word met dinge van ‘n seksuele aard. Dit word as’t ware op ‘n silwer skinkbord agter ons aangedra en na ons toe uitgehou; om elke hoek en draai. Ons word stelselmatig so gedesensitiseer daardeur, dat ons dit self dalk nie eens meer agterkom nie. 

The role grandparents play in a child’s life

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Especially in the teen years, the last person a child might like to turn to is the parents, and here a grandparent could be a shoulder to cry on, and the comfort here for parents is that the person your child turns to is usually someone you trust with regards to morals and values. Also because grandparents tend to not be as busy and rushed as parents are now a days; it’s a great place to truly get some quality attention. In short it’s an additional safe place for your child to turn to.

Tuisbly ma of werkende ma?

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Ek dink nie daar word net op huisvroue neergesien nie. Ek dink ons beweeg in ‘n tyd, waar die teenoorgestelde ook baie waar is. Sommige huisvroue sien maar net so neer op beroepsvroue.

Dit lê werklik swaar op my hart dat ons as vroue moet saamstaan. Dat ons moet ophou om mekaar sleg te maak, te kritiseer, te skinder en neer te kyk op mekaar. Elke vrou het haar eie paadjie wat sy stap, elke vrou het haar eie battles wat sy fight.

Why do a school readiness test?

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A psychological assessment of a young child’s readiness takes into consideration as many factors as possible that could impact on the child’s formative years and initial experiences of school. It is followed by a detailed background record, pre-school reports, parent interviews, and other collateral evidence which might assist the psychologist to get a full profile of the child.  

School readiness matters – in all grades and phases

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We as parents are obligated to know that children’s developmental needs are different for each child and that children mature differently. Each child is an individual with specific talents and in some cases deficits. Your children are mostly writing exams at this time of the year. The report will be a good indicator of where support and guidance is needed. But we also need to remember that academia is but one part of the child’s growing up. Blaming the school for the child not progressing would be too simplistic, as we know, that school is but one factor that determines academic success. 

What is attachment?

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Attachment forms during the first couple of years of a child’s life. A parent or caregiver’s emotional availability for the child from the day of birth is extremely important. Attachment forms when a caregiver is sensitive to needs of the child and reacts to these needs appropriately. The first four years of a toddlers life is viewed as the fundamental time when attachment forms. The manner in how the parent or caregiver communicates with the child on both a verbal and non-verbal manner has a significant impact on how the child will view the world. The type of attachment that your child will develop, will affect the attachment (whether secure of insecure) your child will have, not only with you, but also with their peers and others they will meet on their journey in this world. Parents or caregivers are the main players in a child’s life and will often determine whether a child develops a secure or an insecure attachment.

Positive behavior: The difference between rewarding and bribing your child

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I honestly think using rewards to change or enhance behaviors in children is an excellent and positive tool.  We often fall into the habit of focusing only on the misbehavior of our children, and then punishing them for that; either by taking away privileges, spanking, yelling, threatening and the problem here is that this negative focus on the child, very seldom has a long term effect in changing the behavior. 

Sibling Rivalry by Anri van den Berg

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Between 18 months and 2 years old, for example, a child has a deep seated need to do things for him or herself, and if an older brother or sister, who wants to be a good helper and who wants to do everything for the younger one then comes and interferes, that could cause a lot of frustration-on both sides.
And so we can go through all the different stages of life and have a number of situations that could cause rivalry.

Jaag jou eie drome

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“Moenie jou energie mors deur ‘n leun te lewe nie. Gebruik daardie energie om te kan verander wat jy kan en aanvaar die dinge wat jy nie kan verander nie. Wees wie jy gemaak is om te wees – want daardie persoon is uniek en wonderlik.”

Social Needs – Our need for interaction and contact with friends and family (Part one)

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I would now like you to take a moment to think about your friends. What does the word friendship mean to you? How many friends do you have? Are they single or in relationships? Are you currently not spending time with friends, or are you still going out regularly? Do you go out as a couple or alone? You should also ask yourself whether your current friendships are life giving or life taking to your romantic relationship. If it’s not life giving you are going to have to change it. Make sure that you and your partner talk about your social needs.

Emotional Child Assessment: A valuable tool in understanding your children

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The goal of an emotional child assessment is to get to know the child's view of his or her world, through play. The goal is not to analyse or to label your child but to create a holistic view of the child’s thoughts and feelings. Only when we understand the child's world, can we create the map to effective helping.

Can I spoil my child with love?

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Although your child will have their own unique love language they need a little bit of all the five languages. Hold and kiss your child, tell them that you love them and that you are proud of them, spend time playing and being with them, help them with tasks and top it off with a nice little gift.

Invloed van maats op my kind

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Die grootste gedeelte van sosialisering geskied gewoonlik by jou kind se skool waar hy met ander kinders in kontak tree. Met hierdie artikel wil ek graag praat oor jou kind se sosiale ontwikkeling en die belangrikheid van maats in jou kind se lewe.

The Value in Original Play

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We are so busy, we are so focused and driven to provide for our children’s future that we forget that our biggest and easiest contribution to our kids is the love we give, right here and right now… 
And no; you are not too old for this; Original Play has no age guidelines – everyone can “Play”, regardless of your age. In Original Play, there are no human-imposed categories; such as male or female, big or small, young or old.

Help! I think my child is being abused!

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A forensic investigation and assessment will assist your child to make a more comprehensive disclosure in a way that is safe for your child but that will also hold up to scrutiny if this information has to go to court. This professional will also be able to advise you about the next steps and procedures. It is a very difficult road but your child can get through this with your help emotional support and commitment to their well-being. 
At Vita Nova we have the expertise and the right services to guide you through it all.

Wat is die “ROL” van oupas en oumas in ‘n kind se lewe – kan ons die rol definieer?

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Elke familie bestaan uit n sisteem waar gedragsgewoontes en verhoudingspatrone al vir jare en generasies op n sekere manier funksioneer. Wat die een generasie leer word aan die volgende generasie oorgedra. Dit is dus baie moeilik om n baie spesifieke en beperkte rol vir oupas en oumas te definieer. Party families is emosioneel baie geheg aan mekaar en daar is patrone waar nabyheid en daaglikse hulp aan die orde van die dag is. Ander families of grootfamilies verkies weer meer afstand en fokus veral om elkeen spasie te gee om hom of haarself uit te leef. Dan kom die individuele faktore ook nog by waar elke familielid sy of haar persoonlikheid en styl van verhoudings handhaaf. 

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