No two people are alike and therefore no two people’s experiences of situations or events will be the same.

We often think of Trauma Counsellors as people who deal with extremely traumatic events such as death, rape, hi-jackings, suicide and break-ins, and although this is exactly the type of experiences that merits seeing a trauma counsellor, trauma counselling is not at all limited to such drastic events.

Seeing as no two people are the same, our experiences may also differ extremely; a relatively harmless car accident, might be brushed off by one as a lucky situation or a close call, whereas someone else might have an extremely difficult time putting the event behind him or her.

So if you are having difficulty returning back to your “normal everyday self” after any event, if you have any of the following symptoms:

  •  trouble sleeping,
  •  over eating or have lost your appetite,
  •  if you replay the situation over and over in your mind,
  •  If you start feeling anxious, or have drastic mood swings
  •  if you start getting panic attacks
  •  feel depressed

We can definitely help!

Vita Nova offers in-person as well as online sessions!
Our Pretoria branch is located at 615 Vampire Street in Elardus Park. Our hourly rates are available on the booking system and varies, based on the counsellor and the service being offered.