A socio-emotional assessment of a child evaluates different systems in the child’s world as well as the child’s socio-emotional functioning in and emotional experience of these systems.

The evaluation aims to identify and understand different factors that might contribute to the child’s current experiences, in order to make the necessary recommendations in the best interest of the child (Webb, 2011:61). The evaluation process is conducted from a systems viewpoint that recognises that the child is influenced by the system it belongs to, just as the system is effected by the individuals that belong to it.

During the evaluation a holistic look at your child’s functioning is taken.
Areas that will be evaluated will include, amongst others:
School and peer relationships
Relationship with parents and siblings
Child’s experience of marital relationship of parents
Relationships with other significant people
Relationships in which the child might be experiencing discomfort
Broad screening of perceptual and motor functioning
Screening for possible exposure to trauma including physical and/or sexual abuse
Personality functioning and temperament
The evaluation is usually conducted in a history free manner; this implies that the therapist does not have any background information on the child in order to do an objective evaluation.
Objectivity during an evaluation ensures a sound and professional outcome.
The evaluation consists of:
Two/three hour sessions with child
One-hour session with the parents to retrieve collateral information
One-hour feedback session to parents
Retrieving collateral information from other important sources with the parents’ consent

Prior to the evaluation the parents/caregivers will be asked to complete a questionnaire concerning the child, please complete it and bring it along to the first session. Once the evaluation is concluded the therapist will give feedback to the parents.  During this session recommendations will be given for example the necessity of therapy etc.

Please take note of the following:

  • A socio-emotional evaluation does NOT constitute a care and contact investigation.
  • No reports are provided to parents as standard practice after an evaluation.
  • Reports are only provided to lawyers, welfare organisation and/or other professionals.
  • Reports need to be requested in writing by the requesting party (lawyer, social worker), clearly stating the purpose of the report.  Reports are excluded in the tariff.  Tariff of reports can be requested.

We are under an ethical and legal obligation (Children’s Act & Sexual Offence Act) to report any disclosures and/or reasonable belief that a child is being abused to authorities.

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