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Facilitating change through helping people grow

Welcome to Vita Nova Counselling

Vita Nova means ‘New Life’ in Latin.

“It is my honest opinion that we as human beings have been created with the innate ability to adapt, to learn and to change. Whether you would like to breathe New Life into your relationship or change your life completely, Vita Nova is your answer.

Let us take your hand and journey with you, the road might be long and tough, but healing is possible, change is possible. No matter what the circumstances or situation; we will get there!”

– Anri van den Berg – founder of Vita Nova Counselling Center.


Our Pretoria branch is located in Elarduspark close to the N1 and the Rigel off ramp, this makes it easily accessible from Pretoria East, Centurion, Midrand and Johannesburg. Our hourly rates are available on the booking system and varies, based on the counsellor and the service being offered.


Anri van den Berg

Marriage, Relationship and Trauma Counsellor

Anschel Pieterson

Social Worker, Specialising in Play-based Intervention

Peter Schultz

Social Worker, Specialising in Relationships

Armand Prinsloo

Specialist Wellness Counsellor

Marli Visagie

Wellness Counsellor

Racheal Johnston

Social Worker, Specialising in Play-based Intervention

Mary-Loved Bulundwe

Administrative Assistant