Meet the Pretoria Team:

Anri van den Berg
Anri van den BergSpecialist Counsellor Specialising in Marriage and Trauma - PRETORIA
Anri specialises in Marriage- and Relationship Counselling, as well as Trauma counselling. She also has a passion for working with Parents In Pretoria.
Heske Sangster
Heske SangsterSocial Worker Specialising in Forensics and Assessments- PRETORIA
Heske specialises in Forensics, Forensic Assessments, Children’s Counselling, Parental support and other children-focused services in Pretoria.
Anschel Pieterson
Anschel PietersonSocial Worker, Specialising in Play-based Intervention - PRETORIA
Anschel specialises in Play Therapy, Social Emotional Assessments, Divorce Supportive Services, Child Trauma Debriefing and other Children-Focused Services in Pretoria.

Meet the Pietermaritzburg Team:

Roelien Wiesner
Roelien WiesnerSocial Worker & Counsellor - PIETERMARITZBURG
Roelien assist children with grief, anger, anxiety & depression. She offers trauma-, parental counselling and training in Pietermaritzburg.
Louann Shuttleworth
Louann ShuttleworthSocial Worker & Counsellor - PIETERMARITSBURG
Louann offers counselling for parents, teenagers, adult survivors of childhood trauma and trauma counselling in Pietermaritzburg.