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Boundaries – What you should know

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A boundary is the rules and limits that you create within various relationships and contexts. These are a list of things that you either accept or don’t, to help you create relationships where you feel respect and comfort.  To create boundaries, you will have to explore and know your values. Your values are the key guide to creating boundaries so it is imperative to know your core values before embarking on this journey.

Motivation and Effort

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The 34th President of the US, Dwight D Eisenhower, once said, “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” Motivation is an internal energy force that influences all elements of our behaviour, as well as how we think, feel, and interact with others. High motivation is usually considered a necessary condition for players to reach their full potential in sports.

Better Together: The Benefits of Group Therapy

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Let's be honest, deciding to see a therapist is not something that comes easily to everyone. To truly benefit from the process, one must be willing to be honest and completely open with their therapist as well as themselves. As a result, you will often find yourself revealing things about your experiences and your thoughts that you would not normally share with your friends or family, let alone a complete stranger.

EMOTIONAL MATURITY: What it looks like & how to work on it

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We are currently living in ever-changing times and emotional maturity might be just be one of the things that will keep us sane. Emotional maturity consists of two components, firstly your ability to understand and identify your emotion and being honest about your feelings. Secondly being able to manage that emotion no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Emotional maturity are the little golden nuggets of life.

The importance of counselling

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I often get asked the question "Why should I go to counselling" as if there is a textbook, one size fits all answer. There is no straightforward way to sum up the importance of counselling, because in my eyes the benefits of counselling is personal in nature and therefore, infinite.

Hold that space!

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There is nothing I have so keenly needed on my own journey than someone just sitting down with me in the mud; in the hurt and in the breaking. There has been nothing so comforting and endearing as someone just really seeing me. Acknowledging me, my feelings, my thoughts and my behaviours. Being so attuned to my every movement in that moment that I feel overwhelmingly heard and understood.

From the counsellor’s couch

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Admitting to yourself that you need professional help can be quite daunting.  After you have finally plucked up the courage to make the appointment, you might find yourself wondering about – even researching – the person that is about to hear your life story.  Can you really trust them?  How much should you say?  Are they really all a little crazy? – I mean they chose a profession where they listen to people’s problems all day!!  Will he / she be analysing me the whole time?

4 steps to setting healthy boundaries

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At the end of the day if I want to gain my self-respect, self-worth and independence back it is important for me to establish boundaries and enforce them. It is healthier to set boundaries than it is to put up walls or constantly be resentful towards others for taking advantage of me. It is my responsibility to teach others to respect me and my boundaries and to be patient with myself while doing this.

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