Two main risks to children using the Internet – Internet contact and Internet content

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Your child cannot see the person at the other end of the computer. There is no way for children to know who they are talking to. The paedophile will start an innocent conversation with your child. They are very good at posing as young children and are up to date with what children like, are interested in and the latest trends. At first, the questions will be innocent and seemingly harmless.

The valuable role grandparents play in a child’s life

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My husband and I are in the fortunate position where both our parents are alive and involved in our child’s life. Although they live far away, we ensure that they visit us regularly or we try to visit them as often as possible. Whenever I see our little one interacting with her grandparents I am in awe of the total bliss and delight both parties experience. It made me realize just how important this intergenerational relationship is and how much everyone involved can benefit from it.

How on earth do I keep all the balls in the air? When motherhood becomes just too much.

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Oh, but the TIREDNESS. I will never forget. Never ever, ever, ever!! It lasted for 18 years (sorry my dearest sisters). One night I woke up and I couldn’t find my sweetheart last born - oh my freak! She was lying on the carpet! What was happening to me? How did she land there? Was I going to be arrested for child abuse? I could just see the headlines: “Social worker abandons newborn on floor”.

Die rol van troeteldiere in jou kind se lewe

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Ek besef dat alle kinders nie die voorreg het om troeteldiere te hê nie en dat daar sekerlik redes is waarom hulle dit nie kan he nie, maar ek wil graag met hierdie artikel die positiewe impak wat troeteldiere op kinders se lewens kan speel bespreek. Wanneer daar na die voordele van die mens-dier verhouding gekyk word, kan daar fisiese, emosionele en sosiale voordele geidentifiseer word.