Business Counselling

Building a business can be one of the most rewarding and creative experiences in life. It is also a journey that challenges you on many fronts requiring you to understand yourself, your approach and interactions with people around you.


NBI for Individuals

Do you know how your brain prefers to think? The brain profiling instruments measure the thinking preferences of an adult individual (18+). The insight provided from our thinking preferences bring mindfulness to our inner world and makes us sensitive and conscious of the preferences of others. It helps us understand the way our brain works and help us shed some light on why we do certain things.


NBI for Parents

The chances that our children think like we do are very slim and you might be wondering why your child does not do things the way you do or use to do. You might find one child obeying the Rules and Regulations easily while your other child might be the exact opposite (and this might seem like a nightmare).


NBI for Relationships

It’s no surprise that relationships are challenging at times and we often have no idea why our partner does certain things. This in return can create some conflict within the relationship. Relationship counsellors will tell you time and time again that during counselling sessions these challenges pop up.


NBI for the Family

Do you know how the members of your families brains work? It is very rare that all family members think the same way and because of the vast differences it might result in conflict. Knowing how your family members think is not a mystery. The NBI tools can give you and your family insight and resolve many conflicting situations. Get to know your family better.


NBI® Brain Profiles

Our brain prefers to think in a certain way and that affects our communication, workspace and -relationships, career choices, parenting style, family and intimate relationships and basically everything we do.