Anschel specialises in Play Therapy, Social Emotional Assessments, Divorce Supportive Services, Child Trauma Debriefing, Therapy and other Children-Focused Services in Pretoria.

Anschel is a social worker with specialization in Play therapy (also known as Play-based Intervention). She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2012, where she started her career journey at a school based therapy centre, rendering play therapy services to children. Shortly thereafter, in 2013, she started work at the Department of Social Development as a statutory social worker, rendering social work services to families and children in need. She was part of the child protection unit, as well as families programme where she was co-writer of the Building Blocks Parenting Skills programme. As her passion was working with children therapeutically, she broadened the service delivery field, and opened the DSD Play Therapy clinic in 2014.

During this time se furthered her studies and enrolled in the Masters in Play Therapy (Play-based Intervention) course at the University of Pretoria, which she completed in 2016. Her research focused especially on play, and how parents play with their children. Various other courses were also completed, such as the Holistic Socio-Emotional evaluation of children course, equipping her to work with children in evaluation as well as therapeutically.

She worked as a school based social worker, where she delivered therapeutic as well as social work services to children and families at a primary school for a period of 6 years. Working with children on a daily basis confronted her with a variety of challenges, ranging from trauma, loss and grief and peer relationship problems, to childhood mental health, socio-economic problems children face as well as acting out behaviours. She received the opportunity to witness first-hand the issues and problems children face on a daily basis, and how that impacts their wellbeing and functioning.

With her passion for children, she believes that every child deserves the opportunity to express themselves and enter into a process of healing. In 2016 she registered a private practice, and renders therapeutic services to children.

Anschel works from a Gestalt play therapy perspective, meaning that she does not work with the child in isolation, but approaches the child holistically – considering all aspects of the child’s life. Being a parent herself, she believes that parents are the cornerstones of their children’s lives and strives to best equip parents with knowledge and skills to best care for their children emotionally.

It is an honour to work with children and being able to have a positive impact on a child’s life. It is my vision to provide as much opportunity for children to grow and develop to become healthy adults and parents to their children in future.

“Imagination is where your child lives. When you play with him, you enter his world” – Anonymous