The Smarty – pants workshop is an absolute must for any pre-school and is aimed at informing teachers and staff on all matters “sexual abuse – related”, as well as empowering teachers and staff to create awareness of body safety issues, for the children in their care, in an age appropriate and child-friendly manner.

This workshop also includes a booklet with some basic information as well as some fun activities on body safety for each attendee to take home.

In the Smarty – Pants workshop we will look at:

Sexual abuse

·      Some common myths

·      How would a child disclose abuse to a teacher?

·      What do we do when a child discloses abuse to us?

·      What do we do when we suspect that a child is being abused?

Normal and abnormal sexual behaviour in preschool children

·      When should we be concerned?

·      How should we react to sexual play happening at school?

Legal action

·      What does the law say?

·      What are my legal responsibilities as teacher?

·      What is the legal process of reporting abuse?

Body safety

·      What are some fun ways of teaching our children about body safety?

Smarty Pants event dates: