Even the most intelligent of us and those with a good memory “forget” what the word of God says.  Even those extremely dedicated to their faith do fall into these traps of bursts of fear and therefore our spirits need to be reminded daily of the Truth of God.  If your thoughts are running around all over the place we lose sight of the Word and the Truth of God so easily.  You have to train your mind, through praise and worship, reading His word and praying daily.  You have to wash your thoughts (not just your hands) with His Word and His Voice.

I have 5 points that you can read through if you are overcome by fear today, whether it is because of this virus or your children, your health, your finances…whatever might cause you to feel fear and anxiety.

1.  The fear and anxiousness you feel is most of the time worse than what you are worried about in the first place.

A lot of time we worry about a child for instance and then in the end your child is fine but the thoughts that went through your head and your spirit and the effect it had on your physical body is much worse.  When you experience extreme anxiety your body goes into a fight or flight mode and certain hormones are secreted like adrenaline because your brain is telling your body that a very dangerous lion (1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober-minded; be watchful.  Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour”)* is after you and you have to fight or flee.  God says stand your ground my child, don’t fight, I will do it for you and do not flee because I will make my face shine upon You and be gracious to you…and give you peace” (Numbers 6:24-26).

2.  Pay attention to your mind.

If you are in a state of constant worrying your mind will go over and over those thoughts but nothing is changing.  You are like a hamster on a worry wheel.  It will exhaust you and the enemy will steal your time.  What can I do?  Listen to others that you trust that have been through a time like this, someone who have survived what you are going through.  Someone who has walked with Jesus through the valley of the shadow of death (note:  it is not the valley óf death, God will not let you walk there, it is merely the valley of the shadow of death.  Only the Lamb could overcome death.) Talk or listen to someone who’s faith were extremely tried and tested and they withstood the pressure.  Get a fresh perspective.

Also remember that that while there are a lot of voices, like the media, maybe the voice of some friends and family, your own voice and the voice of the enemy there is only ONE voice to be heard – “The sheep that are my own hear and are listening to My voice and I know them and they follow me…and no one is able to snatch them out of My hand” John 10:27.

Quiet your mind and focus on what He says-that is the truth.  If you struggle to do so read the Word of God – that ís His voice.

3.  Shift gears.

Be careful not to feel sorry for yourself.  Self pity is deadly – often the start of self induced depression.  Be solution focused.  Acknowledge that the situation you are in is not what you want or prayed for.  Get an action plan.  Start doing whatever you can.  Change your attitude.  Start giving.  Volunteer at your church.  Yes even now-people are dropping of food at sterilised designated areas for families in need, prayer groups are online.  Don’t sit at home and nurture these negative thoughts.  Starve them. “Without wood a fire goes out” Proverbs 26:20.

4.  Sometimes things are beyond your control.

A loved one dies or there is a virus that broke out.  To carry that kind of stuff around with you is too heavy.  You can not carry Thé Cross, it has already been carried.  Jesus was resurrected once, but resurrection is WHO HE IS.

What shall I do then?


“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened and I will cause you to rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is wholesome and My burden is light and easy to be borne” Matthew 11:28,29.

Yes it is sad and sometimes life feels unbearable, I know.  But we have to keep moving wíth the Spirit, the quicker you get up after a knock down (or a lock down) the quicker you will learn to move with God. Have your pity party quickly and get it over and done with!  Even the Israelites had to move with the cloud. God is a constant moving being.  He is a moving, overflowing river, not a pond of water which is placid.   If the Holy Spirit says move, you have to move.  What do I mean with move?  Move away from negative talk, negative people.  Move towards Him and His church.

5.  If you know you get easily distracted, cancel your DSTV and Netflix.

If you get easily filled with fear, stop watching the news.  If you know you are easily persuaded at the braai about how fearful everything is and that there is no way out for us – turn around and leave! What a lie! What else can we do?  Constant, constant worship and praise.  In your car, on your speaker, on your phone.


You can not praise and worry at the same time.  Let the words of worship songs linger in your ear and fill your house until praise flow from your tongue in an unstoppable way.  Your words are like a red carpet being laid out before you…

You will go where your words lead you.

*Important footnote:  Your adversary, the devil is LIKE a roaring Lion. Only like a lion, not a true lion. The only True Lion is the Lion of Judah.

May His favor be upon you and a thousand generations and your family and their children and their children.  #karijobe.