Ilanie specialises in Pastoral Counselling and is also a registered psychologist practicing in Pretoria.

I am Ilanie Möller and the mother of 2 beautiful daughters. I did my Psychology degree and my Honors degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Pretoria. I realised that I would also like to work with children and adolescents and I changed my study direction and  completed my 2nd Honors degree in BE.d Educational Psychology and thereafter my Masters degree in Educational Psychology. I did my internship at the Child and Adolescent Clinic at the University of Pretoria. What a long road!

I started working in the private sector as well as Moreleta Park Church for the next couple of years.

In 2009 the Lord started calling me to the ministry and biblical counseling and I did the full time YWAM Bible Course at the Bible College at Lewende Woord Brummeria Church for one year. It was the best but the most hectic year of my life. Jesus turned my life upside down and showed me His kind and loving heart and His willingness and ability to heal people with inner trauma and hurting hearts.

I always thought Pastoral/Christian based counseling is just praying before and after a session and giving a few scriptures but, wow was I wrong. There is so much more and I am hooked for life. During this time my youngest girl was born and I worked at Lewende Woord Brummeria as a Christian Counselor for about 8 years. There I started to engage in counseling  women and families out of a strong Word Based Counselling perspective, with strong mentorship of what is biblical and what is not. And I realised that the Holy Spirit plays the biggest part in every session.

As an Educational Psychologist I offer the following services:

1. Christian/Pastoral Counselling

Especially for woman, teenagers and families.

2. Assessments

  • Grade R School Readiness Evaluations to see if your Grade R child is cognitive, scholastically and emotionally ready for Gr 1.
  • Scholastic assessments to test and see why a child struggle with reading, writing or solving mathematical problems, poor exam performance or struggling with concentration.
    • Reading, writing and mathematical tests
    • Auditory and visual spatial assessment
    • Emotional media
  • Subject and career assessments.
    • Aptitude
    • Interest
    • Personality
    • Brain profile
    • Emotional media
  • Assessments focused purely on emotional problems
    • Trauma, Rejection
    • Eating disorders
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Low self esteem or self worth
    • Cutting, stealing, substance abuse
    • Bullying
    • Poor communication skills
    • Rebelliousness

3. Report writing.

4. NBI Brain profile.

To understand your own and your partner/child/co-worker’s brain preference will deepen your insight into how different we all think and behave.

5. Counseling teenagers and parental guidance.

Currently I work as an Educational Psychologist at the Vita Nova Counseling Centre where I enjoy assessing children, adolescents and doing Pastoral/Christian Counseling where I see a difference in people’s lives every day. This is not a work but a calling and a privilege to be part of.

Isaiah 61:1 “I came to set the captives free and to heal the broken hearted.”