Loshni offers in-person or online sessions for Coaching, HR Consulting and basic counselling.

Loshni Pillay is an Independent contractor working with Vita Nova. She is a registered Psychologist with an MA in Psychology (IOP)(Cum Laude), with qualifications in Coaching (Results Coaching Systems) and Counselling Skills (NWU, Prof Graupner Practice and Humanitas Training). She offers in-person or on-line sessions for Coaching, HR Consulting and basic counselling.

She draws from a diverse array of educational, career and life experience, with over 20+ years of experience within Human Resources, as an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist (Career and Behaviour), and Coach. Loshni assists teens (14+), adults and couples in the following manner:

She is experienced and qualified in the use of various psychometric tooIs, and  provides career guidance and counselling services for adolescents and Tertiary education students (for subject and career selection purpose), as well as for employees within the workplace (career management, performance and growth, and development purposes).  She has vast experience in Workplace counselling – performance counselling, trauma counselling, management of stress and burnout  (Work-life balance), building and  designing interpersonal & leadership competence and skills framework and models, Building resilience, developing EQ and cognitive reframing for growth and development. Her style and approach whilst rooted in the solution focused methodology,  also draws from the person-centred approach, Cognitive-Behavioural therapy, Psychodynamic and Gestalt approaches to  Coaching and counselling .

With qualifications in Arbitration and Negotiation skills, she offers conflict resolution support, guidance and advise to individuals, employees, and couples who are struggling to cope with their daily realities within their interpersonal realm. Coaching interventions are tailored for individual development, and she is inclined towards a more collaborative style. The Coaching and workplace counselling relationship is built on trust, and as a psychologist Loshni firmly understands that it is  her job to provide you with a safe and confidential space to explore challenging thoughts and feelings, and to empower you, for your own unique and personal life story – finding the courage to face your deepest fears,  the willingness to seek and be open to change, and the curiosity to discover new or different ways of doing and being.

Loshni is committed to helping her clients find a way of working through whatever issues they may find are challenging them. She is  trained within the areas of Trauma counselling, Crisis Management, Marriage and Relationship coaching and moving on from loss and Grief – through coaching and basic counselling skills, and helping individuals to identifying anxiety and burnout within the work arena (respecting context and scope of practice).

As a Psychologist, Loshni is trained for active listening, she reflects with with you, providing a safe environment in which to explore inhibiting factors within everyday life events, aspects of mental health, emotional difficulties and anything you wish to talk about. Her coaching and counselling sessions will provide a shared non-judgemental space to explore and/or strategically work through your concerns.

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”  – Peter Drucker