Project Description

Sports Wellness Counselling is a specific field of practice in which counsellors are concerned with athletes’ mental health and overall well-being. The mental aspect of athletic performance is given special attention. As a result, sports counselling frequently involves clients in activities centred on problem-solving, mental barrier-overcoming, confidence-building, and motivation-building.

Although the name implies that the concentration is solely on individual or team sports, this is not the case. Sports Wellness Counselling can be used in a variety of situations and endeavours, ranging from improving student-athletes classroom performance to enhancing the teamwork of dancers or other stage performers to educating individuals and families about the counselling mechanisms that underpin optimal physical and mental performance.

Sports Wellness Counsellors play an integral role in helping athletes perform at their optimum level. This is done through various means, including developing an understanding of each athlete’s motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. Helping athletes overcome the rigorous schedule involved in sports performance, as well as helping them find ways to handle the stress and pressure related to their required performance levels.

Areas of focus:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Performance depression
  • Overtraining and burnout
  • Aggression and performance frustration
  • Injury Rehabilitation (Mental Wellness)
  • Goal setting and imagery
  • Performance planning
  • Concentration and attention control strategies
  • Development of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Emotional regulation and management
  • Sportsmanship and leadership skills

About Armand

As a former athlete who competed at provincial and national levels (Schools), I understand what mental strain a person could experience having to compete and perform on a high level. Having been a part of teams sports (Rugby) I also encountered various challenges that introduced me to the competitive nature of needing to be at your best and to keep or earn your spot on the team. Participating in various sports has had a positive influence on my life and development as a person. One thing it has taught me is cooperation and teamwork. It has taught me how to be a good leader and to work well under pressure.

Participating in sports has given me very useful problem-solving skills as well as kept me healthy. Most importantly, taking part in sports has given me the confidence that I know I could never live without. Endurance and stamina are usually a part of one’s physical capabilities but having experienced pressure and also forms of loss these aspects formed a part of my mental well-being as well. Hence, from my experience, mental endurance and emotional stamina is just as important.

During my Honours degree, I had Sports Psychology as a major subject which allowed me to build on my past experiences and understand the complicated areas of Sports professionals’ mental well-being. Great mental health within the sporting environment is very critical to success and this applies to any person who is starting a sports career or to those currently experiencing difficulties within their current sporting careers. The tips and tools used to assist people participating in sports can also be applied to various areas of performance in our lives as well.

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