Understanding and Addressing Self-Harm in Teenagers: A Guide for Parents and Educators

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Self-harm has become a very serious issue, which has in recent years become increasingly prevalent amongst teenagers around the world. Self-harm or injury is a form of “coping” that involves methods of inflicting physical injury on oneself like cutting, burning, or hitting, to try and cope or deal with overwhelming feelings of emotional pain and stress. Self-harm can however have profound consequences and can likely lead to long term physical and emotional issues.

Loss & Grief: Grieving as a teenager

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Although loss is a universal experience, there are considerable differences in how people grieve- this is especially true with teenagers. Although teenagers are aware of the emotional impact and long term implications of losing someone close to them, their reactions to death are often very intense.

5 tips on how to assist your high school teenager this year

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High School is definitely not for the faint of heart. After an amazing holiday of sleeping in, being lazy and relaxed, having unlimited access to Netflix and computer games, going back to school is the ultimate dopamine killer! Most teenagers do however, look forward to seeing their friends, meeting their new teachers and taking part in their sport, arts and academic activities again.

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