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Premarital Counselling Package

The gift of proper preparation…

Premarital Counselling Package


The Vita Nova "Premarital Counselling Package" consists out of 6.5 hours of dedicated premarital counselling for an individual couple and is an absolute must if you are planning to tie the knot. The personal attention enables you to ask your questions freely and ensures that your time spent, focuses 100% on your specific relationship. Our counselors are experts in their respective fields so you can be certain that you are in good hands with us. The 6.5 hours are made up out of a series of sessions; that you and your counselor(s) book at your pace.

What will we focus on:

Session 1 - “Introduction” – 1 hour

  • What to expect from married life…the true story!!
  • What is the difference between a couple who makes it and a couple who doesn't?

Session 2 - “Healthy and Effective Communication” – 1 hour

  • How do we prevent small things from becoming huge?
  • How do we make sure that we hear each other’s hearts when we communicate?

Session 3 -  "Needs - Individual and Relationship" - 1 hour

  • Physically and Emotionally 
  • Personal, individual needs as well as those of the couple
  • What are our different Love Languages?

Session 4 - “Relationship Vision” – 1 hour

  • What does the relationship that we want to co-create look like and stand for?
  • The “marriage box”

Session 5 - “Knowing me, Knowing you” – 1.5 hours

  • What is my specific temperament?
  • What is my partner’s temperament type?
  • How do our temperaments influence our relationship?
  • NO: Temperament and having a temper are NOT the same things
Session 6 - "Taking a closer look at sex in the marriage" - 1 hour

  • What is normal
  • Myths vs Truths
  • We end the session off with time for questions

Book your session

Click here to book a session or submit a question directly via the website, alternatively email
or phone 082 541 4357

Standard Consulting Fees for 2019 are R720 per session and sessions are an hour each.

Our training venue seats 20, includes a whiteboard, 5 tables and a coffee station. The venue can be booked at R950 per day.

Vita Nova Counselling offers sessions in Pretoria, Pretoria East, Elarduspark.

The practice and training venue is close to Rigel Avenue off the N1. Which makes it easily accessible from Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria North. 


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