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I believe that we as human beings have been created to stand in relationship with other people, be it friendships or more intimate connections, fact of the matter is - there is a lot of truth in the saying "no man is an island". For me; LIFE consists out of a multitude of different relationships; my relationship with my boss, my partner, my friends, my extended family, my children... my work, my cell phone, my computer... all revolves around relationships.

When it comes to counselling for couples though, it's important to note that friction in relationships are completely normal and is to be expected! 

BUT; if you are struggling to move passed that friction-mode, if you feel stuck in the past, in the hurt that was caused or can't seem to reconnect emotionally after things have calmed down - attending relationship counselling sessions might definitely benefit you as a couple. 

We will focus on the dynamics of your specific relationship with each other and we will work on how to identify and communicate your needs effectively (be they emotional, cognitive, social, physical, spiritual or financial) and in a way that is conducive to a solid, healthy relationship. In many cases, it is the relationships that we have in different areas of our lives, outside of our intimate relationship, that often contributes to us experiencing emotional - disconnect within the love-relationship.

  • If you are in a relationship where 80% of your needs are being met, you are in a good relationship.
  • Good and healthy relationships cause you to break down walls, bad relationships results in building walls.
  • Good communication skills are KEY to a happy relationship.
  • Needs are key.
I will show you how to put the fun and the respect back into your relationship.
Relationship counselling is more than just relationship advice - you will learn how to effectively navigate the problems that you are experiencing as a couple.

Imago-based counselling

Imago therapy is one of many tools that I like to use when counselling couples.
Whether your marriage is in trouble or weather you would just like to enrich your understanding of each other and add unimaginable value to your relationship; why don’t you give Imago-relationship therapy a try - it is my honest opinion that this is something that every couple should go through; you won’t ever be sorry!

This is also ideal for engaged couples to attend as a premarital course. 

Workshops can be held for small groups or individual couples.

Book your session

Click here to book a session or submit a question directly via the website, alternatively email
or phone 082 541 4357

Standard Consulting Fees for 2019 are R720 per session and sessions are an hour each.

Our training venue seats 20, includes a whiteboard, 5 tables and a coffee station. The venue can be booked at R950 per day.

Vita Nova Counselling offers sessions in Pretoria, Pretoria East, Elarduspark.

The practice and training venue is close to Rigel Avenue off the N1. Which makes it easily accessible from Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria North. 


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