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Being a parent is the most difficult of all jobs given to human kind.

For any other position in life, be it receptionist or doctor, you most definitely need some kind of training in order to equip you for the responsibilities that the job entails. But all you need in order to be a parent are the right biological tools!

It is for this reason that I truly and honestly believe that we as parents must try to equip ourselves better for this huge responsibility.

I often hold parenting talks for groups of moms and dads and uncertainty as well as feelings of guilt are universal and are often the causes for problems in parenting styles. In personal counselling to parents, we can focus more directly on specific individual challenges within that specific house hold and more often than not, all you need is a plan based on sound principles and grounded in a loving, nurturing approach. 

Why not attend our very informative 8 week parenting course. This will give you the confidence and the ability to be the best parent you can be and remember - happy marriages/relationships are a must have to ensure that we can be a united front and a loving and caring parental unit for our children.

Vita nova Parenting Course

No child comes with a training manual, each little being has his or her own little personality and character traits and what works for your friend's child, will not necessarily work for yours. We understand that families differ and that parents differ and therefore, the Vita Nova Parenting Course does not aim to be a one size fits all, failure proof, quick fix parenting method. Our aim is to facilitate conversation between you and your partner on the difficult topics related to parenting. We want to empower and equip you to build a solid parenting foundation, by providing solid, specific, basic need-to-have information regarding parenting and all the aspects involved, so that you and your partner can establish a method of parenting that works for you.

If you are a single parent, or a guardian, or if your spouse cannot attend; not to worry! Everyone and anyone tasked with the responsibility to parent is welcome to attend.

We are looking forward to taking this journey with you and would be honoured to have you join our parenting group.

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Click here to book a session or submit a question directly via the website, alternatively email
or phone 082 541 4357

Standard Consulting Fees for 2019 are R720 per session and sessions are an hour each.

Our training venue seats 20, includes a whiteboard, 5 tables and a coffee station. The venue can be booked at R950 per day.

Vita Nova Counselling offers sessions in Pretoria, Pretoria East, Elarduspark.

The practice and training venue is close to Rigel Avenue off the N1. Which makes it easily accessible from Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria North. 


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