Naughty children before COVID 19

I have worked at both a primary and high school and most “naughty” children seem to have one thing in common. The relationship between the child and parent seems to be weak or non-existent.

Parents nowadays are working extremely hard and for long hours just to make ends meet at the end of the month. Parents want to give their children the best possible future. They want to put their child in the best school and provide them with various opportunities, since they are hoping that this will make them happy. However, it is just this dream that often times lead to our children’s unhappiness.

When children are younger they look towards their parents for comfort and guidance. Therefore a secure attachment needs to be formed to ensure the optimal development of a child. As they grow older, their peers become more important and parents tend to exist in the background. There is nothing wrong with an adolescent looking towards their peers for advice and support, but the important character should always be a parent who is right there to catch them when they fall. Adolescents are known for their risk taking behaviour but still like to feel safe with a parent keeping an eye on them from a safe distance.

It is important for you as a parent to spend quality time with your child. We often rush in the mornings to get to school, the kids are at school the entire day, then they have sports and thereafter we rush home to make dinner and get them to bed. When do we really just sit and listen to how our child’s day was? Quality time does not have to involve money. It could be to read a book, lay under the stars, walk in the park or even just drinking tea or coffee at home.

By building a good trusting relationship with your child, your child is more likely to tell you when something is bothering them and you will be more inclined to identify behaviours that are out of the ordinary for your child. Noticing the small changes could show your child that you care. Being an absent parent who is always working might increase their chances of going to university, but most children would prefer a relationship with their parent.