Racheal is a social worker who specialises in play therapy, which is also known as play-based intervention in Pretoria.

Racheal Johnson Profile Picture

Racheal is a social worker who specialises in play therapy, which is also known as play-based intervention. She is currently standing in for, and under the capable supervision of Anschel Pieterson, who is currently on maternity leave. Anschel is a qualified social worker with specialization in play therapy. Anschel completed her Masters in the Play-based intervention course at the University of Pretoria in 2016. Her research focused especially on play, and how parents play with their children. She has been in private practice since 2016, where she renders therapy to children after hours.

Racheal completed her Bachelor’s degree in Social work in 2017, where she commenced her career in school based therapy and support to primary school children. Thereafter she enrolled for a Masters degree in Play-based intervention (Play therapy) at the University of Pretoria, while she continued to provide support to children in primary schools.

Racheal is currently completing her research on the impact that community violence has on adolescents. She is furthermore rendering therapeutic as well as social work services to adolescents and their families at a high school. Working with children and adolescents has equipped her to deal with trauma, loss and grief, relationship problems amongst peers, the socio-economic problems of children and adolescents as well as the daily concerns faced by children and adolescents. She works from a Gestalt play therapy perspective, which enables her to approach a child holistically by taking into account all aspects of a child’s life, since these factors all have an impact on a child’s wellbeing and functioning. She believes that by best equipping parents with the knowledge and skills concerning the care of their child or adolescent, a foundation is laid to build on a child’s emotional well-being.

Racheal’s vision is to provide a child or adolescent with an environment in which they can freely express themselves, in order to grow and develop to become healthy adults within society.

“Imagination and creativity can change the world” – Anonymous