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About This Course

So many people are stuck with a degree or an honours; not knowing where to go from there. On the other hand, many are not accepted for honours or masters, especially not the first time around. Not only that; but we honestly believe that there is a huge gap between the theory in a degree, or honours degree; obtained at university and the actual application thereof in practice. The HUMANITAS Counselling Course is the answer!

Vita Nova, together with some other experts (read more on our presenters at the bottom of this page) in the field of counselling, has compiled a highly detailed and thoroughly researched training course aimed at bridging that gap between theory and practice, as well as enabling students to gain valuable experience – under supervision, in the field of counselling. Instead of giving up on your dream and passion; come and attend the HUMANITAS Counselling course. We offer students a solid theoretical basis as well as practical training on how to use that theory in practice. Then we send students out into the field to go and apply this knowledge and practical training. Throughout your practical hours, you will receive regular supervision and guidance.

The HUMANITAS Counselling Course is especially designed to benefit Psychology students who would like some practical experience before applying for either honours or masters, but those with a degree or honours degree in Social Work or Counselling can also apply.

The HUMANITAS Counselling Course is presented in Elarduspark, Pretoria and students will be able to complete their practicals, as well as receive their supervision in person in Pretoria or online via Zoom.

The basic requirements for registration is a degree obtained at a university or college.

Certain diplomas will also be considered.

Components of this training

Theoretical training

The first component of your training course will consist out of a recap of the theory that you have already encountered in your tertiary studies, as well as additional more practically applicable theoretical information. Depending on the group; we might either skip certain components in class and require of you to recap on your own or go through it thoroughly in class to get everyone up to speed.

Practical training

The second component of your training course will consist of your practical training. This will already start in your first four weeks, where we will require of you to practice the skills taught in class, on one another. We might also require of you to divide into smaller groups to work through case studies and do some role play. This part of the training will already count towards 20 of your required number of hours.


The third component of your training course is the internships that we have organised with various institutions. The aim here is to give you an opportunity to not only observe, but also practice the skills that you will be acquiring throughout this training course. You will not be placed at one specific institution, but rather, will work at various different organisations, so as to give you a broader experience. Please note that, to register with the ASCHP, you will have to complete a minimum of 100 hours. After your first 100 hours under supervision, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge the completion of these hours and we will assist you with your registration.

However, you will only receive your formal Humanitas Certificate of Completion; after completing an additional 120 hours of practical work under supervision (220 in total).

These hours will be more flexible than your first four weeks of theory, but please note that you have a total of three months after your theoretical component has finished, to complete your total of 220 hours with these specific institutions (remember that 20 hours will already have been completed within your first 4 weeks).

Failure to complete your hours in the given three month – period is not the end of the world! You can still work towards your 220 hours, however, you will have to arrange your own internships/practicals, as the placements that we have secured for the Humanitas training course, will then be utilized for the next group of students.

PLEASE NOTE: Vita Nova cannot take responsibility for any restrictions that organisations have put in place as a result of COVID-19. We strongly reccomend that each student organises at least one of his/her own practical opportunities so as to better the chances of completing hours in time.

Mentorship, Guidance & Supervision

The fourth component of your training course is the mandatory, supervision. During these sessions, your supervisor is going to mentor and guide you through the cases that you are dealing with in your internships. Vita Nova will offer you free supervision for a total of  a three-month period after your theoretical month has finished. In other words; if you join the February intake, your practicals and supervision will start in March and you will receive free supervision until end of May.

Should you not have completed your 220 hours before the end of the three months, you can join the next group of student’s supervision groups @ R180 per hour. (Please note that your supervision sessions will count towards your hours).


You will be assessed throughout the duration of the course. Your class attendance and contributions in class discussions will count towards your final grade. The last couple of days of your theoretical component will consist of a written exam as well as the hand-in of your assignments.

Do I Qualify To Enroll

The HUMANITAS Counselling Course is especially designed to benefit Psychology students who would like some practical experience before applying for either honours or masters, but those with a degree or honours degree in Social Work or Counselling can also apply.

Course Duration

The first month (4 weeks) will consist of your theoretical and practical training Mondays to Fridays from 8h30 – 16h00. Attendance of these 4 weeks is compulsory.

Week 5 – to completion will consist of your practical placements at various institutions, as well as your supervision sessions. Please note that some of your practical hours will be flexible and you will be able to schedule those around your other commitments. Supervision will take place in a group setting as well as on a one on one basis and is compulsory. You will be required to obtain a minimum of 220 practical hours under supervision, to successfully complete this training course.

Course Outline

Please note that this course is NOT a purely theoretical training course. We know that, with a degree and especially with an honours degree, you are already all theory’d-out! Our focus falls on practical, skill development; based on the theory you already (hopefully) have mastered.

A very summarised outline of our Humanitas Counselling Course is listed below. Each module contains a wealth of applicable information as well as ample opportunity for discussion and group or individual participation.

Module 1 – The Basics of Counselling

Module 2 – Attachment & Childhood Development

Module 3 – Working with the Child-Client

Module 4 – Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Module 5 – Crisis Management

Module 6 – Trauma Counselling 

Module 7 – Loss and Grief Counselling

Module 8 – The basics of abnormal psychology

Module 9 – Facilitating groups

Module 10 – Self-care

PLEASE NOTE: Module 1 – 10 is compulsory and will run from week 1 to week 4.

Also see our additional short courses (Special discount for Humanitas Graduates (220 hours completed)):

These will be presented separate from the basic Humanitas Counselling Course and dates and times will be communicated with each group.

Placements and Practicals

We have secured placements for a limited number of students at various organisations in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg, students are also encouraged to arrange their own placements with institutions or organisations of their choosing.


All supervision will be offered by either registered social workers, specialist counsellors or psychologists. Group supervision will take place once a week. The specific day and time on which supervision will take place, will be decided on in either week 2 or 3, with the group; so as to try and accommodate as many as possible. Please remember that supervision is compulsory.

Individual supervision sessions will be scheduled with each student and his/her supervisor.

Enrollment and costs

The course cost for 2020 & 2021 is R14 999 and includes:

  • Theoretical and practical training (including manuals, exclusive access to online resources)
  • Placements (where possible)
  • Supervision – Group and individual

R4 999 is payable as a non-refundable deposit when you register, the balance is then payable over the next two months after the commencement of the course; R5000 per month.

To register for the HUMANITAS Counselling Course, please complete the electronic enrolment form below, send your proof of payment of your deposit, to:

Any questions? Please contact us

082 541 4357

What Can I Do With This Training?

Our team will assist those of you who qualify, to register with the C4CSA or the ASCHP. You will then be able to counsel confidently as a lay counsellor or be able to open your own practice. To find out if you will qualify to register with one of these two governing bodies, please visit their respective web sites. Please note that this training course does not lead to any registration with the HPCSA.


Anri van den Berg
Anri van den BergOwner and founder of Vita Nova Counselling Centre
Anschel Pieterson
Anschel PietersonPlay Therapist and Child Counsellor at Vita Nova PTA
Alicia Coertze
Alicia CoertzeCounsellor at Vita Nova in PTA
Mariska van der Meulen
Mariska van der MeulenOwner of Meraki Counselling
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