Zahrah volunteers her time by offering free online counselling via Zoom.

“I have always had this immense passion for and believe in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. I believe that the body, the mind, and the heart all need to be in sync and that a strain in one pulls down the other. Being a scientific person all my life, I pursued an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Science at the University of Pretoria. I majored in Genetics, Physiology and by absolute luck and grace, Psychology as well. I found joy in all the sciences that I encountered throughout my degree but none as fulfilling as the study of the human mind and its wonderous workings.

I further completed my Honours in Psychology at the University of Pretoria and am currently completing my academic Masters (Psychology). My thesis combines my love of sciences – it is both neuro and social in nature and is focused on the experiences of adolescents living with epilepsy in SA.

I have worked at the university as a psychology tutor for 3 years now and absolutely love teaching, discussing, and learning new things about my field on a daily basis!

I feel so strongly about mental health awareness and addressing the stigma surrounding mental health even in the modern world today. Through the wonder that is the HUMANISTAS course and Vita Nova, I hope to equip myself with the skills and techniques to be a wonderful counsellor and make a meaningful contribution to the lives of people. I truly believe that caring equals healing and that every single one of us deserve to live our best lives in a world that is kind and nurturing to mental wellbeing. I am excited to work with people of all different backgrounds, ages, races, cultures, and religions, as I truly believe that we all share one very important commonality- humanity.

How to book a session

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