Paige volunteers her time by offering free online counselling sessions via Skype.

Previously practicing as a biokineticist but now working in the field of psychology, Paige has always been deeply interested in the in the mind, spirituality and human behaviour. Through volunteering and personal experience, Paige discovered that when it comes to making a difference in people’s lives, listening is a powerful tool underutilized in today’s society.

Following her undergraduate degree at Rhodes University, Paige completed her honours in biokinetics at WITS (2013). It was in this time Paige realised working with and helping people energises her. Whilst working as a biokineticist, Paige eventually felt that her ability to help was limited. Paige acknowledges the place of physical rehabilitation but through her experience she learnt that the mind and emotions influenced clients’ physical wellbeing and is sometimes the cause of physical disorder. Paige realised that if she was able to help people cognitively and emotionally, their mental and physical health would improve, and thus their overall wellbeing. Working as a biokineticist highlighted the relationship between psychological and physical wellbeing.

In 2016 Paige moved to London, where she volunteered at The Listening Place – a centre for support of suicidal people. Her role as a ‘Listening Volunteer’ was to hold a non-judgmental space for suicidal individuals, without offering guidance, advice or opinion. This experience taught her how to actively listen and she was inspired by the difference made by volunteers merely listening to suicidal individuals. In 2018, after walking an 800km pilgrimage alone in Spain (Camino de Santiago), Paige moved back to South Africa. She began working at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) on the universities’ help lines and later volunteering in the call centre. This work consisted of crisis management and/or support for people struggling to cope with stress, relationship issues, psychopathologies and physical illness/disabilities.

In November 2018, on her own initiative and working through SADAG, Paige started a free support group for young adults experiencing depression and anxiety. The intention of the group is to bring together people facing similar issues in the hope that members can offer support and shared experiences. Whilst au pairing for a family with an adolescent child who has autism spectrum disorder, Paige completed her honours in psychology in 2019. In order to broaden her skillset, she decided to do the Vita Nova counselling course in February 2020, where she is currently completing her practical hours.

Paige believes counselling has its foundation in the idea that people have the potential to make good decisions. However, feelings often overwhelm, confuse and cloud our self-awareness and insight into the situation, which limits our ability to act in accordance with our values and beliefs. In light of this, Paige believes the aim of counselling is to help the client develop their own understanding of their situation, empower them to reach their own decisions and act upon them. Paige’s intention is to create a safe, containing and non-judgemental space in which these processes can occur.

Passionate about people, Paige hopes that clients will feel continuously held and seen as they navigate their way through their journey.

How to book a session

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