Liezl volunteers her time by offering free online counselling as a Humanitas Counselling Student.

I remember what my dreams and ideas for my future looked like as a little girl.  The exact details are a little vague but I clearly remember that it always involved helping people…and dogs.  There were always dogs involved in some way or another.

But the journey that lay ahead…wow.

I completed my honours degree in Psychology in 2005 at Tuks and since I had a study loan to pay off I had to start looking for work immediately.  It was simply not possible for me to do volunteer work in order to gain some practical experience in the helping profession and needless to say, I was not accepted into the Masters program for Psychology.

During the 13 years that I worked for an engineering company (fulfilling various roles from HR-related to admin) I frequently looked into possible courses that could bring me closer to my dream of working in the field of psychology or counselling.  But it was as though the doors would just never really open for me.  As the years went by I decided to give up on my dream of being a therapist, but that decision was definitely only made with my head, so the passion of wanting to help in some way remained in my heart.  Luckily I came across the Humanitas course that Vita Nova presents and at the beginning of 2020 I decided to take the giant leap and resign in order to enrol.

Ek besef vandag dat die pad wat ek tot nou toe gestap het, tesame met die drome van daardie klein dogtertjie beide ‘n baie groot rol speel in my passie om betrokke te raak by mense en te help waar moontlik.  In my 37 jaar het ek intense trauma en verliese beleef.  Maar ek kan ook sê dat ek met behulp van terapie meeste van hierdie dinge kon integreer op so manier dat dit altyd deel sal wees van my verhaal maar sonder om my menswees te definieër.

How to book a session

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