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The methods of doing things helped me a lot. I love Alicia she is very friendly and you can see she loves working with teens.

Teen A (Anonymous)

I got to learn with a small group. I got to be able to concentrate and voice (chat section) myself properly.

Teen B (Anonymous)

I loved how Alicia took our opinions into consideration.

Teen C (Anonymous)

You made me feel okay about having anxiety and helped me to manage it. I really enjoyed the ice breakers and games.

Teen D (Anonymous)

About this Workshop:

Many teenagers face mental health challenges like Stress, Anxiety and Depression. When we do not fully understand what these are and how to manage them we might feel hopeless or turn to bad coping mechanisms. Stress, Anxiety and Depression wears the body down. Many people say things like “Just breathe” or “Calm down”, but there is nothing more frustrating to hearing that and still not knowing what to do to deal with what is going on in your body.

In this workshop we will look at:

*What happens in the mind and body when we experience anxiety;
*What depression is and why it cannot be self diagnosed;
*How to manage our stress
*What to do in a panic attack
*What to do on sad days
*How to manage scary thoughts
*Practical tools and techniques to develop healthy coping skills
*How to help friends who struggle with this

Make Mental Health a priority and equip your Teen today!

Workshop Includes:

* Fun & Interactive workshop presentation

* Workbook with Activities

* Practically Applicable tools

* Safe environment for your Teen to share

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About the Presenter:

Hi, My name is Alicia and I will be presenting the Teenager Workshops. Here is a little bit more about myself: In 2018 I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology, Criminology and Education, thereafter I completed my honours degree in Psychology. I also completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Education and worked as a high school teacher for a year. I have over 7 years of experience working with teenagers both informally and formally. My career with Teenagers started as a supportive and mentoring role for Teens at various schools, to working as a teacher and now I am currently a Specialist Wellness Counsellor specialising in Teenagers for the last 3 yeras. From a young age I’ve had a passion for Teenagers as I can relate to their confusion and the emotional roller-coaster they are experiencing. I love presenting workshops to teenagers and helping them through their difficulties and challenges.

Please note that these workshops requires a minimum of 6 participants for it to take place.

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