Understanding teenagers and how to work with them

Working with teenagers can be challenging.  Not yet adults, but no longer children, they are constantly pushing the boundaries and testing their newfound independence.  Neurobiology shows us why – the brain is undergoing recalibration.   Research is showing us the incredible changes that are taking place and why teenagers are almost unrecognisable to their loved ones.  Almost all aspects of their lives are affected, from sleeping, to how they relate to their friends and the world.  In order to understand teenagers, you need to understand the changes and the implications thereof.  This one-day workshop will deal with with both aspects; understanding teenagers as well as working with them.  It is designed for people dealing with teenagers like teachers and social workers.

*Take note that this not a course for parents, we have a different workshop for the parents of teenagers.

Some topics of discussion:

  • The Teenager:
    • The Development of the teenage brain
    • The role of hormones and neurotransmitters (simplified for us who do not have a medical background!)
    • How are boys and girls different?
    • Stress and the teenage brain
    • Sexuality
    • Social media, PC games and devices
  • Dealing with the parents of teenagers:
    • The role of Mom
    • The role of Dad
    • Sleeping in
    • Physical appearance
    • Risk taking and decision-making.
    • Discipline
    • When is their behaviour not normal anymore?
  • Counselling the teenager:
    • The influence of childhood experiences
    • The development of mental health problems
    • Strategies for proactive counselling

And much more!

About the presenter

Mariska van der Meulen



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