Evening 1:

Battling to understand your tweenager?  Then this workshop is for you!

Mariska van der Meulen will explain how the teenage brain differs from the child and adult brain and why their behaviour can be so erratic, dramatic and challenging.  The brain is undergoing several changes during adolescence and understanding what your child is going through will make a definite difference to the  relationship you hold!  Parents of children from 8 years and older will hugely benefit from these life-changing workshops.

Course outline:

  • Brain development
  • Differences between boys and girls
  • The Brain’s drive for independence
  • Stress and the teenage brain
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Decision making and risky behaviour
  • Screen time addiction
  • Discipline

And much more!

My Daughter’s Brain – Preparing for the teenage years

Evening 2:

You went to bed with your family – while handing out butterfly kisses and a million hugs, your little ten-year-old girl said goodnight.   When you woke her up the next morning it was like an alien has invaded your home.  If she’s not biting your head off, she’s crying her eyes out in her room.  When she’s not crying, she’s jumping on the trampoline with the same friend who broke her heart the day before – giggling and totally inseparable.

Things have literally changed overnight.  Your sweet sunshine child has disappeared…… or maybe just changed. It’s scary and it hurts.   How would you know what to do when you have no idea what is happening to her?

Does it sound familiar?  If so, please join Mariska van der Meulen explaining what your daughter is going through.  Parents of daughters from approximately 8 years and older will benefit hugely from these workshops.

Course Outline

  • Female brain development
  • Hormones
  • Friends and frenemies
  • Conflict
  • Roller coaster of Moods
  • Sexuality
  • Social media
  • Role of Mom
  • Role of Dad

And much more!

My Son’s Brain – Preparing for the teenage years

Evening 3:

Your busy, mischievous little boy has disappeared overnight.  No more hugs and chats, instead he is spending all his free time locked in his room. Conversations have turned into short grunts and he is always in a bad mood. The only topics that will get him out of his shell momentarily are games or sport, girls or his friends.  You are not sure whether the hours spent behind closed doors are only playing computer games or sometimes homework as well….and you are too cautious to ask.  Did we fail as parents or is my son only going through a phase?

Does it sound familiar?  If so, please join Mariska van der Meulen explaining what your son is going through.  Parents of boys from approximately 8 years old and older will benefit hugely from this workshop.

Course Outline

  • Male brain development
  • Hormones
  • Homework wars
  • Boredom
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Moodiness
  • Aggression, dominance and competition
  • Sensitivity around his physical appearance
  • Auditory processing (does he hear me?)
  • Sexuality
  • Interest in girls
  • Peer pressure
  • Role of Mom
  • Role of Dad

And much more!

PLEASE NOTE: Evening 1 is a pre-requisite but Evening 2 and/or 3 is optional. 


Single Person:
Evening 1: R520
Evening 2: R520
Evening 3: R520


Evening 1: R1000 for both
Evening 2: R1000 for both
Evening 3: R1000 for both


May Dates: 

11 May: My Child’s Brain

12 May: My Teenage Daughter

13 May: My Teenage Son

June Dates:

29 June: My Child’s Brain

30 June: My Teenage Daughter

1 July : My Teenage Son

How to book your seat:

Please contact us on 071 297 9992 or info@vitanova.co.za.

About the presenter

Mariska van der Meulen



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