Carina specialises in couples, individuals and trauma counselling in Pretoria.

As a counsellor I wish to journey with you towards a life lived to the fullest. I wish for you to experience fulfilment, joy and satisfaction, no matter what setbacks, losses, difficulties or challenges life presents.

It is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated, and counselling may seem challenging, filled with difficult feelings and thoughts. But by exploring options, ideas and possibilities one can move towards discovery, growth and empowerment. Counselling can provide better insights and perspectives and skills to help you successfully cope and thrive.

My qualifications include a BA Honours Degree in Psychology, and a BA Degree in Psychology, Communication Studies and Industrial & Organisational Psychology. I have volunteered as a counsellor with different NPO’s over numerous years and completed many counselling training courses, including most recently the Vita Nova Humanitas Counselling Course.

I continuously strive to be a knowledgeable and efficient counsellor. I will be honoured when you choose to share your life stories with me. I will listen attentively and without judgement. I aspire to simultaneously be compassionate and strong, and I trust these qualities can help me help you.

I look forward to meeting you.

“Accept what is; release what was; create what must be.”