Zipho volunteers his time by offering free online counselling sessions via Skype.

My name is Zipho Mthembu and for as long as I can remember, I have always been curious and fascinated about the mind and human behaviour specifically why we act the way we do. The more I learned about the mind, the more curious I became to the point that I would be researching everything from the subconscious mind to reading body language cues and it is from there where my passion for psychology grew. What was even more interesting and eye-opening for me was that the more I listened to other people share their life stories with me, the more I began to realise that everyone has something valuable to share based on their life experiences and you can never stop learning. I also became aware that as my empathy and understanding for people grew, I realised that there was a significant need for people to develop the necessary tools to manage and understand their own mental health in order to deal with the unpredictability of life and its stressors as this is not usually taught to us.

After successfully obtaining a Bachelors and Honours degree in BA: Psychology from the University of Johannesburg I realised that although I was equipped with a lot of theoretical knowledge, I still lacked the practical application of that knowledge. This is why I decided to put applying to masters on hold until I had gained enough practical counselling experience which is what led me to enrol in the counselling training course at Vita Nova. During the first month of the course I learned just how much of a positive impact counselling can have on someone and I knew that I had finally found my calling in life. My goal is to not only equip my clients with practical tools that they can use to effectively manage their own mental health but to also create a safe space to allow them to say whatever is in their heart and mind with no judgement. My goal is to not only counsel but to also learn from every client and to understand their life experience.

How to book a session

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