Yaseerah volunteers her time by offering free online counselling via Skype .

Exploring the mind has always been my passion. In the eighth grade I had recognised this passion as I had found it fascinating how every human being may look similar yet we are so different in how we behave, interact, think, feel and express ourselves. Whether this exploration of the mind had included furthering my personal knowledge or self-growth or if it had included speaking to my peers and family and assisting them in any way that I could, my passion had grown. My desire to help people develop, to problem solve and to mediate coupled with easily relating to those around me and having witnessed the counselling process and its benefits, I had been directed to the path of psychology.

After I had matriculated I had attended WITS University to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree. I had majored in Psychology and English and had started volunteering my time in the community. Those hours I had spent volunteering had ascertained my desire to work with people and their seen and unseen difficulties. After all some of the strongest ailments can’t be seen with the naked eye.

On completion of my undergraduate degree I had been accepted at WITS to complete my postgraduate degree in Psychology. I had spent 2019 with one foot in my academics and one foot in practical experience. First, the opportunity to run a support group at SABDA (The Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder association) had presented itself and soon I had found myself committed to weekly visits in which I had tried to further provide support, love and empathy to the individuals. Also, being a part-time tutor I had attempted to further utilise the opportunity to gain experience. I had taken on clients that had been suffering from mental illnesses or mental blocks specifically remedial school students. This had only further fuelled my love for the mind and its fascinating abilities.

Currently I am a student counsellor at the Vita Nova Counselling centre. After completing the theoretical component of the counselling course I have come to see the impact we can have as individuals on the world, small or large any difference is a difference. Having that support in my life I hope to provide the same loving, empathetic and beautiful support for my clients too. My interests in counselling have grown deeply and I have found a great satisfaction and love working with trauma victims, both adults and children. I am also interested in working with self development, stress, anxiety and relationships.

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