Nikita volunteers her time by offering free online counselling via Skype.

Until you know who you are, you won’t know what you can become” – Unknown

My greatest passion involves people and by assisting their growth and development I encourage them to become the best version of themselves. In 2015, I began my career as an educator whereby teaching, for me, had always involved more than curricular education. Being an educator meant connecting with the learner, ensuring a positive impact in their lives and assisting with their learning and growing process. In this stage of my career I started to make meaningful connections with the learners, however, I quickly realised that my capacity to help learners beyond the classroom was limited. These limitations encouraged me to pursue counselling fulltime. Despite my career and experiences beginning with children, I soon realized that my passion for counselling extended to persons of all ages. Counselling adults has become an important and enjoyable part of my journey to date, and I look forward to expanding on this while training and qualifying to become a practicing psychologist.

My Journey:

Being part of a family with four siblings provided me the opportunity to understand different personalities and often mediate between sibling conflicts and disagreements. There is a great sense of personal joy and happiness experienced from family life, not one all people experience. Family represents a top priority in my life. Through my work I endeavour to helping families understand each other, their needs and staying together.

From a young age I have loved working with children. This guided me on the path of qualifying as a teacher and I completed my BE.d (intermediate phase) at WITS in 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed my years of educating our youth, however, I desired to be better equipped to help my learners on a more meaningful level. This inspired me to continue my studies part-time to complete an additional major in Psychology at WITS Plus at the end of 2016.

Family is a top priority both personally and professionally whereby, I’ve always made time between work and studies for quality time with my family. I married my ‘person’ in 2017 and feel extremely blessed to have found someone who accepts me and encourages me to be my happy, bubbly, true self. In 2017, I placed my studies on hold to focus on my marriage and ensure we built a solid foundation. I’m fortunate to have role model parents, married for 37 years, whose marriage is an inspiration to my husband and I.

In 2018, I resumed my studies and completed my Honours in Educational Psychology (with distinction) at TUKS in 2019. I had decided to continue further professional development and applied to enrol for a Master’s degree. Unfortunately, due to limited graduate placements, I was not accepted for the 2020 class. Obtaining my Masters degree remains a goal I intend to achieve.

This is where my journey as a counsellor began. I decided to “take the leap” and embrace this new career path. With the support of my husband, I decided to leave teaching and pursue my passion. I am privileged to have found the Humanitas course, through which I have commenced my studies and internship from February 2020. The Humanitas course has equipped us with the necessary skills and opportunities to counsel others both theoretically and practically. I’m currently completing my counselling hours at Klopperpark Primary School, Garsfontein Sunrise Trauma Center, Rare Diseases South Africa and Willow Worx. I look forward to developing myself over the next few months, completing my internship and improving to be the best counsellor that I can be to those in need.

How to book a session

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