Muofhe volunteers her time by offering free online counselling via Skype.

Muofhe Ramalata hailed from Limpopo province, Vhembe District Makhado Municipality. I used to work as a field work technician. It was during this period wherein I realised my passion for working with people. I have encountered a lot of people from various institutions who would share their own personal stories with me and those stories made me realised that people love to be listened to on non-judgemental level .During the year 2014, I have decided to register with the University of South Africa to study psychology. After doing my BA degree I have moved further with my studies and register for Honours. I have decided to do my Honours over a period of two years so as to strike the balance between the job and my studies. During the second year, I then chose my studies over the job due to the passion I had for the course. I have completed my Honours degree in Psychology at the University of South Africa in the year 2019.After doing my Honours, I have decided to enrol with Vita Nova in order to gain the practical experience.

I have been married for 15 years with two children. During these years of marriage, I realised that not having been through premarital counselling with a professional made me struggle with some of the marriage issues of which should I have had counselling then, some of the struggles would have been avoided or at least easier to handle. I have realised marriage is a beautiful thing if the two partners involved are in a good relationship. Through my passion for marriages I also joined the marriage vitamin group for the ladies which meet on quarterly bases to discuss about marriage issues and share daily vitamins via a WhatsApp platform. I have passion to work with couples of which I hope by the time I finish my internship with Vita Nova I would have acquired more skills.

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