Mandy volunteers her time by offering free online counselling via Zoom.

“My name is Mandy Lumka Tyikwe, born on 1st August 1975. I am the eldest of three girl siblings I got married on 18 December 1999. I am blessed with 4 kids Girl (26), Girl (17), Twin Boy (15) and Twin girl (15). One of my interesting stories is that I never saw my father and whilst I was a teenager at High school I tried to secretly look for him. I managed to get the leads around December of 1992 and I planned to visit during Easter holiday of 1993. Around February 1994 my mother received a call to say he passed away in December through car accident, and he had only one son in his marriage who is my half brother now, so I never saw him.

I studied my Primary education and high school in the Eastern Cape. I honestly at that time did not know what career path to pursue, except that I pictured my mother wearing high heels and I operating a computer and wearing spectacles, so I desired to be like her. I then registered for Computer Science but my Mathematics results hindered me I registered for Bachelor of Commerce and I graduated in 1998. I discovered that I am more a Counsellor than the Accounting profession I studied. I registered part time and graduated in Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Counselling and Honours degree. Each day my dream was to pursue my true calling and this urge seemed to be more prevalent the more I was growing with experiences. My dream has been to  have an impact and make a change in people’s lives. In trying to satisfy the need I was involved volunteered at Trauma Counselling Centres focussing on rape and abused women, Involved in Counselling Ministries in all Churches I was member at, done one on one counselling informally, Established a U-Tube Channel to empower society on social matters called Mandy Tyikwe Channel.

I am currently registered at Vita Nova Counselling Centre for a Counselling Course, and am a student Counsellor doing practical with the aim of being a Specialist Wellness Counsellor.”

How to book a session

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