Project Description

NBI® for Family

Do you know how the members of your families brains work? It is very rare that all family members think the same way and because of the vast differences it might result in conflict. Knowing how your family members think is not a mystery. The NBI tools can give you and your family insight and resolve many conflicting situations. Get to know your family better.

What can the NBI do for your family:

There are various different instruments that can be administered for children from the age of 4. It is advised that all family members does the test (test for different age groups will differ but the results will yield in the same format). After the test you and your family will have a feedback session. During the feedback session you will learn about your thinking preference as well as the thinking preference of your family members. This will enhance your understanding of your family members and this insight can be used to reduce conflict, self growth and growing a strong family bond. This can also be a great source of information that can be utilized in the counselling room.

How to do your Family’s Brain Profile:

Contact Alicia to arrange your NBI test and feedback session. or 0712979992

We have various packages and combo’s available so contact us for a quote.

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