NBI® for Relationships

It’s no surprise that relationships are challenging at times and we often have no idea why our partner does certain things. This in return can create some conflict within the relationship. Relationship counsellors will tell you time and time again that during counselling sessions these challenges pop up. The following statements might be very familiar to you:

“He’ll never understand me”

“I always have to fight to be heard.”

“She must think I lie around all day at work!”

“Why does he never talk to me about his feelings?”

“Why do I say one thing, but you hear something completely different?”

The NBI® Relationship Style instrument provides insight into your relationship style and issues that are important to you (but may not be to your partner), as well as identifying behaviour that could improve your relationship.

Many people go into relationships expecting the “Happily Ever After” fairy tale, but then they realise that it’s not quite like the movies tell us. Stop living in the mystery and find out exactly how you and your partner think. The goal will be for you to appreciate what your partner has to offer the relationship, and for you to understand yourself better, within the relationship setting.

This provides the opportunity for a more successful relationship! Let’s work smarter not harder. You will find our NBI® Adult and NBI® Relationship Style-combination offers the insight you are looking for to inject your relationship with newfound insight and renewed excitement. These profiles can be an incredible foundation that can be used for relationship counselling as well as pre-marital counselling.

How to do your Brain Profile:

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