NBI® for Parents

The chances that our children think like we do are very slim and you might be wondering why your child does not do things the way you do or use to do. You might find one child obeying the Rules and Regulations easily while your other child might be the exact opposite (and this might seem like a nightmare).

So what can the NBI do for you:

  • NBI® Young Child Indicator: This instrument is an indicator which measures thinking preference of your 4–6-year-old. It is critical for the parents and teachers to understand the thinking preference of a child. This will determine how they make decisions, communicate, form relationships and how they prefer their environments. The knowledge of knowing your child’s thinking preference will empower you to:
    • Gain insight and understanding of your child’s behaviour
    • Appreciate why your children differ so radically in terms of communication, play and learning
    • Provide an opportunity for building coping skills for the child to manage his/her world creatively.
    • Provide an opportunity to adequately prepare them for school.
    • And ultimately enhance your relationship with your children
  • NBI® Junior Student: This instrument measures the thinking preference of your 11 – 15 year old child. As parents you might be frustrated with your child’s untidy and noisy environment and compare them to other children who work in a quiet and neat environment. Why is it that some learners love maths and others thrive in Art? This test will clarify that for you and help you identify your child’s uniqueness.
  • NBI® Senior Student: This instrument measures the thinking preference of a high school, college or university learners (16+). The choice of choosing the correct subject might be a headache for parents. Your child might perform poorly in a subject and it might lead to endless frustration, fears and fights. This tool will allow parents and their child to make an informed decision resulting in satisfaction and achievement. We also offer career guidance and counselling using the brain profiles (Scroll down for more below).
  • NBI® Learning Style: This instrument will help you gain insight into your child’s learning style and matters that are important to you child when they are studying. This will also identify where there could be room for improvement. Developing effective learning styles will increase concentration and will result in higher achievement.
  • NBI® Parenting Style: This instrument will provide insight into your parenting style and issues that are important to you but might not be to your child or partner. The profile identifies where there is room for adjustments and improvements in the relationship. Once you understand your Parenting Style, you are equipped to develop, grow and build better relationships that are lasting and fulfilling.

How to do a Brain Profile:

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