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  • How often have you felt that your partner is just not hearing what you're saying?
  • How often does a simple conversation end up in a battle field because of misunderstandings or mis-communication?
  • Why is it that a simple request or statement from one, can unleash a tirrany of anger and resentment, feelings of rejection in another?

  • Click here for more information: Communication


    The disappointment and the realization that your marriage did not work out can be almost unbearable. The fact that you have spent so much of your time together as a couple also adds to this feelings of loneliness, insecurity, uncertainty- about your life together as well as the life you are now supposed to create from scratch…add children to the mix and you have got a truly desperate situation…but it need not be desperate.

    Click here for more information: Divorce Counselling

    Individual sessions

    No two people are the same; we don't think the same, we don't experience things the same and we don't react the same way to situations.
    For this reason the course of therapy / counselling will be different for each individual person.

    Click here for more information: Individual Counselling

    Marriage Counselling


    • Is your marriage in trouble?
    • Are you struggling to recognise the person you fell in love with in your partner?
    • Are you constantly fighting and arguing?
    • Does it feel like you have absolutely nothing in common any more?
    • Have you lost each other a long the way?
    • Is healthy and effective communication near impossible between the two of you?

    Click here for more information: Marriage Counselling Services


    In relationship counselling, we will focus on the dynamics of your specific relationship and we will work on how to identify and communicate your needs effectively (be they emotional, cognitive, social, physical, spiritual or financial) and in a way that is conducive to a solid, healthy relationship. 

    Click here for ore information: Relationship Counselling Services


    For any other position in life, be it receptionist or doctor, you most definitely need some kind of training in order to equip you for the responsibilities that the job entails. But all you need in order to be a parent are the right biological tools! It is for this reason that I truly and honestly believe that we as parents must try to equip ourselves better for this huge responsibility.

    Click here for more information: Parenting Counselling


    We often think of Trauma Counsellors as people who deal with extremely traumatic events such as death,rape, hi-jackings, suicide and break-ins, and although this is exactly the type of experiences that merits seeing a trauma counsellor, trauma counselling is not at all limited to such drastic events.

    Click here for more information: Trauma Counselling


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