The Difference Between The Vita Nova Positive Discipline System And Your Everyday Reward Chart

Children Reward Chart

We can very easily forgive people for assuming that our system is just another reward chart; there are so many out there already, so we don’t blame you at all! The difference between our system and the everyday reward chart; lays not in the chart, but in the 16 page instruction manual and information brochure that is included in your starter pack. This is also the reason why we insist on clients buying the starter pack before they can buy charts individually.

Positive Discipline System - FAQ

Positive Discipline System

Bookshelves all over the world buckle under the weight of all the different books written on the topic of discipline, books that often offer quite contradicting information. Add to that; two parents who come from different backgrounds, who now have different parenting styles and understandings of the concept of what it means to discipline…it’s no wonder we are confused!

The Vita Nova Positive Discipline System offers a possible answer and gives parents a great way to motivate and encourage positive behaviour in their children.

Not only that, but children enjoy it as well!

Our System is easy to use and extremely child friendly! If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 2 and 12; this system is for you.




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